The Kashrut Department wish to advise the following:

  1. “Jungle Oats Bran” is PAREV. The packaging is erroneously marked MILCHIK and corrective action is being taken.
  2. Alman’s “Japanese Mix” erroneously bears the Beth Din logo. The product is NOT under supervision. Alman’s “Spicy Corn” is Kosher and PAREV and bears the Beth Din logo.
  3. Nestle Smarties “SHREK 2” packs containing the Ogre-size green smarties are NOT under supervision. Regular Nestle Smarties remain under supervision.
  4. The new flavours of Jungle Oatso Easy Apple and Cinnamon and Banana and Toffee do not bear the Beth Din sign and are under investigation. A sachet of these new flavours is added to the promotional packs of Oatso Easy. Please avoid using these new flavours until further notice.