Dear Friends,

The new 2005/2006 5765/5766 Kashrut Guide is now available. As always, it contains information on the thousands of products certified by our Beth Din, as well as other valuable information such as acceptable methods to check vegetables, internationally accepted hechsherim, kashering of liver and the correct procedure for taking of challah.

In the past, the guide has always been issued free of charge by the kashrut department, as a service to our community. While we are most grateful to our sponsors and advertisers for their support, unfortunately the costs of producing this high quality booklet in fact exceed the income, and we have therefore decided to charge a nominal fee of R5 per booklet. The income generated from this fee is allocated directly to the printing and distribution costs of the booklet.

The guide is available from the UOS, 58 Oaklands Rd, Orchards, or from your favourite kosher establishment.

The kashrut guide was correct at the time of going to press. Obviously, with the constant changes which take place in the manufacturing industry and with new products coming on board and others being delisted, it is important that your booklet be kept up to date. With this in mind, it is essential to subscribe to our free online email service, which informs the community of all these changes as and when they occur. The email announcements also contain a page reference for you to update your guide.

As with any human endeavour, there may be some errors or omission in the guide. If you find any, please inform us so we can take steps to rectify them.

Our website, updated daily, also contains a fully comprehensive list of all certified products, with a search facility which will allow you to search either by product name (eg chocolate) or by manufacturer (eg Nestle). All previous email announcements are also available in date order for download and review.

And, as always, our friendly and helpful kashrut staff are available to answer your queries. Call then on 011 485 4865 or 012 461 6310.

Thank you for your support.