Pesach Bulletin # 3 – Pet Food

On page 35 of the Pesach Guide, it lists:

Royal Canin Vet Diet:
Dog Dry: Entire range except Obesity & Dental
Cat Dry: Entire range except Diabetic, Obesity & Dental

We have since learned that some of the products that are included in the “entire range” mentioned above have recently started being made with wheat gluten.

We have been in touch with the manufacturer, and they recommend using the following:

For dogs:

  • Hepatic, Hypo-allergenic, Mobility, Sensitivity control, Renal, Urinary

    For cats:

  • Hypo-allergenic, Sensitivity control, Urinary

    If your dog or cat is on an Obesity, Dental, Diabetic

  • If the animal is thin, the manufacturer recommends you feed them with: Hypo-allergenic
  • If the animal is overweight, the manufacturer recommends you feed them with: Sensitivity control
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