Brown Flour

Brown flour purchased from a number of health shops has recently been found to be highly infested with dead weevils. Webbing has also been found, which is further evidence of infestation.

The system for checking which we have previously advised (making small pyramid-shaped mounds) does not – and did not – reveal dead infestation.
We therefore recommend that in future, the following method be employed:

Equipment Required: a 420 (or less) micron sieve

  1. Make sure the sieve is in good condition. This means that
    1. There is no damage (holes, tears, etc).
    2. The mesh is not clogged. (It should be washed regularly and left out of use long enough to dry)
  2. The entire bag of flour must be sifted through the sieve.
  3. Make sure to sift until all the fine flour has passed through the sieve.
  4. Take whatever remains in the sieve and spread it finely over a white area (e.g. a large white plate). Carefully examine it looking out for any signs of infestation (e.g. weevils, webbing)
  5. If any sign of infestation is noticed, the entire bag must be rejected. We suggest you return it to the supplier.