Tim Tams/Asparagus/Fruit and Veges

Tim Tam Biscuits
Tim Tam biscuits available in South Africa are NOT KOSHER, even when bearing the KA logo on the packaging . According to Kosher Australia, these are “definitely not kosher unless there is a KA also by the use by date. The non kosher variety will say “Not Kosher” by the use by date.

Goldcrest Asparagus with hechsher of “Rabinato de Peru”
Goldcrest Asparagus and other products with the hechsher of “Rabinato de Peru” are not approved by the Beth Din.

Trumps Rainbow Bubbles and Baking Chocolate Milk
TRUMPS Rainbow Bubbles and Baking Chocolate Milk (Baking Requisites) contain a Parev Beth Din logo. This product is MILCHIK. Corrective action has been taken. Vessels are not affected.

Fruits and Veges
In response to a number of queries regarding cut fruits and vegetables, we wish to clarify as follows:
Halacha allows for one to buy cut up fruits and vegetables (which do not require checking for infestation) from a reputable fruit and vegetable shop, even where there is no supervision. This applies to all “non sharp” items, such as potatoes, butternut, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, squash, peppers, pineapple, mango, mushrooms, melons etc.
One should not however purchase cut up “sharp” items such as onions, garlic, lemons, spring onions, radish etc, unless absolutely certain that the knives and equipment are dedicated to fruits and vegetables only. If in doubt, it is preferable not to buy them.

All fruits and vegetables which are prone to infestation require checking even when bearing the Beth Din Logo: unless marked as checked by a Beth Din Mashgiach.