Beth Din Passover Guide

The Kashrut Department is pleased to announce that the following items extracted from the upcoming Beth Din Passover Guide are now available for download as individual Adobe PDF files from our website:

* Products / Cosmetics / Toiletries List
* Medications List
* Pet Food List
* Mechirat Chametz (Sale of Chametz) Form
* Z’manim (times/dates)
* Information on Chametz, Kitniyot, Bedikat Chametz, Burning Chametz, etc.
* Kashering
* Cooking on Pesach / Candle Lighting
* Seder Requirements / Sefirah Laws

And… be sure to stay tuned for the biggest, best Pick ‘n Pay Passover Guide ever… featuring many new and several expanded sections, including:

* A full Haggadah text (in both English and Hebrew) * Pesach recipes
* Z’manim (times/dates) not only for Johannesburg, but also for Cape Town, Durban, East London, Plettenberg Bay, and Port Elizabeth as well
* Medications List (first time in print!)
* Glossary

NB! As always, please be especially careful when shopping to ensure that all products purchased bear reliable Kosher for Passover labels, as items in shops frequently get moved around and misplaced (and Kosher for Passover items are even stored sometimes right next to non-kosher and/or non-kosher for Passover items).