The following Floyds product bears an unauthorized Beth Din logo:

          Floyds Coatings – Macon and Mushroom

This product is NOT KOSHER.

The following Floyds products are now kosher when bearing a Beth Din logo (under the logo on the packaging it will indicate whether the product is Milchik or Parev):

Floyds Coatings (Garlic & Herb; Hot & Spicy; Original; Spicy BBQ)

Floyds Cook In Sauce (Au Gratin Fish Bake; BBQ Sausages; Cauliflower Bake; Cheesy Vegetable; Chicken & Mild; Creamy Fish Dish; Creamy Vegetable; Mediterranean; Thai Casserole)

Floyds Pasta Sauce (Bolognaise; Creamy Alfredo; Macaroni & Cheese; Sour Cream & Onion; Vegetable & Parmesan; Wild Mushroom; Black Pepper; Creamy Cheese; Creamy Garlic; Creamy Seafood; Mushroom & Garlic; Spicy Tomato & Chili; Tomato Pesto)

Floyds Pasta & Sauce (Creamy Alfredo; Macaroni & Cheese; Sour Cream & Onion; Vegetable & Parmesan; Wild Mushroom)

Floyds Potato Bake (Cheddar Cheese; C/Cheese & Onion; Creamy Cheese; Parmesan & Garlic; Sour Cream & Chives; Sweet)

Floyds Potato Wedges (Barbeque; Garlic & Herb; Indian Spice; Lemon Pepper; Peri Peri; Savoury Cheese)

Floyds RTW (Black Bean Sauce; Ginger & Garlic; Lemon & Ginger; Pine/Honey & Macon; Plum)

Floyds Sauce (Black Pepper; C/Cheese; Creamy Mushroom; Garlic & Herb)

Floyds Soup Supreme (Brown Onion; Cream of Tomato; Minestrone; Mushroom; Oxtail; Thick Veg; White Onion)

Floyds Soup-In-A-Cup (Inst. Minestrone; Inst. Mushroom; Inst. Tomato Soup; Inst. Vegetable Soup; Lite – Celery & Leek; Lite – Country Veg; Lite – Curried Veg; Lite – Mushroom & Herb; Lite – Roasted Toamto; Supreme – Cream of Tomato)

Floyds WS (Bearnaise Sauce; Parsley & Chive Sauce; Rosemary & Thyme Sauce; White Sauce; Hollandaise Saue)

Floyds Wild Mushroom
Floyds Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Floyds Instant Mushroom Soup
Floyds Mushroom & Herb
Floyds Mushroom Garlic
Floyds Mushroom Soup Supreme