Pesach Bulletin #1

11 March 2011 / 5 Adar II 5771

Supermarkets have already begun stocking their shelves with Pesach products.

It is important for the consumer to check each and every product purchased for Pesach, even when found in the “Pesach Section” of the supermarket.

The Beth Din is not responsible for the purchases and placement of Pesach products in the supermarkets, and it remains the responsibility of the consumer to ensure that any items purchased carry a valid Pesach hechsher (e.g. each and every soup cube).

Please also note that many imported products, especially from Israel, carry a valid Pesach hechsher but contain “kitniyot”. The custom among Ashkenazi Jews is not to consume kitniyot on Pesach.

Any product queries may be addressed to the Kashrut Department, or via our website

We will soon have the complete Pesach guide, kashering instructions, sale of chametz and other important Pesach information available on our website.