New Kosher Products

Please note that the following products are MILCHIK and must bear the Beth Din logo:

  • Woolworths Low Fat Vanilla Chocolate Chip Yoghurt
  • Woolworths Fat Free Mango Yoghurt
  • Woolworths Low Fat Greek Yoghurt with Black Cherry/Mango, Peach & Passions/Stewed Fruit – 6 Pack
  • Woolworths Low Fat Raspberry & Blackcurrant Drinking Yoghurt
  • Woolworths Low Fat Cherry, Cranberry & Pomegranate Smoothie
  • Woolworths Slimmer’s Choice Low Fat Apricot Granadilla Smoothie
  • Pnp Double Cream Apple Strudel Yoghurt
  • Pnp Double Cream Greek Style Yoghurt
  • Pnp Double Cream Lemon Meringue Yoghurt
  • Pnp Double Cream Stewed Fruit & Custard Yoghurt
  • Pnp Double Cream Strawberry & Cream Yoghurt
  • Pnp Fat Free Cranberry & Apple Yoghurt
  • Pnp Fat Free Peach & Granadilla Yoghurt
  • Pnp Fat Free Plain Yoghurt
  • Pnp Fat Free Raspberry & Blackberry Yoghurt
  • Pnp Fat Free Strawberry Yoghurt
  • Pnp Fat Free Vanilla Flavored Yoghurt
  • Pnp Low Fat Cape Fruit Yoghurt
  • Pnp Low Fat Chocolate Chip Yoghurt
  • Pnp Low Fat Plain Yoghurt
  • Pnp Low Fat Raspberry & Apple Yoghurt
  • Pnp Low Fat Stewed Fruit & Custard Yoghurt
  • Pnp Low Fat Strawberry Flavored Yoghurt
  • Pnp Low Fat Strawberry Yoghurt
  • Pnp Low Fat Vanilla Flavored Yoghurt