Pet Food for Pesach – Update

Animals are not required to keep kosher, nor are they obligated in the laws of Pesach. However, we are not permitted to possess chametz or to derive any benefit from it, and it is therefore necessary to ensure that any pet food is free of chametz. There is no problem having kitniyot in pet food.

Below is an updated list of pet foods which are free of chametz. This list supersedes all previous lists including that which is printed in the Pesach guide. It is also available for download from our website.

Please Note:It remains the pet owner’s responsibility to check the ingredients when purchasing pet foods, as the manufacturers cannot guarantee that changes will not be made in formulation of the foods due to the volatility (price and availability) of raw materials. The products listed have been checked extensively before Pesach.



1. Dogs

Prescription Diet

  • Tinned: Only the EVD High Calorie, EVD Intestinal, EVD Dermatosis FP, and EVD Restricted Calorie are suitable
  • Wet: Only the EVD Dermatosis is suitable.

Normal Diet

  • Dry: Only the Dermatosis and Eukanuba High Calorie are suitable
  • Wet: Only the Eukanuba Intestinal, Dermatosis and Restricted Calorie and High Calorie tins are suitable.

Prescription Diet

  • Dry: None
  • Wet: High Calorie Tins

Contact Details: 011 463-8140



1. Dogs

Prescription Diet

  • DRY: The entire range is suitable EXCEPT: b/d, h/d, i/d low fat & j/d
  • WET: The entire range is suitable EXCEPT: w/d, i/d & i/d low fat

Science Plan

  • DRY: The entire range is suitable EXCEPT: Healthy Mobility; Advanced Fitness Large Breed; Active Longevity Mini, Medium & Large Breed; Mature Adult Senior Light
  • WET: Only the Light tinned food is suitable SNACKS:Only the Light & the Oral Care are suitable

1. Cats

Prescription Diet:

  • DRY: The entire range is suitable including new y/d EXCEPT: g/d (but has been discontinued for 2 yrs)
  • WET: The entire range issuitable including new y/d EXCEPT: c/d, i/d, j/d, l/d, w/d
  • POUCHES: The entire range is suitable EXCEPT: i/d, c/d, k/d

Science Plan

  • DRY: The entire range is suitable EXCEPT: Optimal Care Chicken, Sensitive Stomach & Mature Adult Hairball Control
  • WET: none
  • POUCHES: none



If your pet is on a Royal Canin diet that is not on the list below, Royal Canin suggests you use Royal Canin’s Sensitivity Control over Pesach. This product is designed for food and skin allergies, and is safe for growing puppies and kittens. It is very easy to digest, so you can change straight on to Sensitivity Control without risking stomach upsets in sensitive pets. Sensitivity Control Canine and Feline is available in dry, tins and pouches, so even pets that are normally fed on wet food can eat this diet easily.

1. Dogs

Prescription Diet

  • Dry: Only the Hypoallergenic, Hypoallergenic moderate calorie, and Sensitivity Control are suitable.
  • Wet: Only Sensitivity Control is suitable.

1. Cats

Prescription Diet

  • Dry: Only Hypo-allergenic Feline, and Sensitivity Control are suitable.
  • Wet: Only Sensitivity Control pouches are suitable.


Vets Choice


Only Sensitive food is suitable.

Contact Details: 011 801 5000


SVD (Ultra Dog)


Only Hypo-allergenic food is suitable.

Contact Details: Annelise or Martin Croeser 011 411 5535




It remains the Pet Owners responsibility to check the ingredients when purchasing pet foods. Please refer to the ingredients listed on the package. Most of these products list CEREAL as a base ingredient. Please note that the species of the grain IS NOT specified, therefore, these foods are not recommended. Please avoid pet foods containing Brewers Yeast. This extract is devised from wheat.


Whiskas Purrfectly Fish, Ocean Lucky Pet, Pilchards and Sardines



All flaked or pelleted foods contain Chametz.

The only suitable foods are: Tetra, Fresh Delicia, Whole Bloodworms, Daphnia or Brine Shrimp (packaged as a box containing 16 x 3 g sachet). Tetra Fresh Delicia may be used for aquarium or cold water fish. These products are now available at most pet shops.

Koi Fish:

Koi Fish can be fed successfully over Pesach using matzoh meal.


Birds, Rabbits & Hamsters:

The “no chametz” food mixes for Birds, Hamsters, Mice and Rabbits can be obtained from Things Pets Like, contact Mrs Michelle Rabin on 072 230 1077. Please phone ahead of time to ensure that suitable products are in stock and available.

Rabbits, Hamsters, Pet Mice, Rats & Guinea Pigs:

Can be fed a homemade diet consisting of green and yellow vegetables + maize grit and sunflower seeds. Need to add an Interflora called Protexin (available at all Veterinarian Hospitals). And you need to provide a base of soil (needed for iron) + Lucerne Hay.