Kashrut Notices / Alerts – past twelve months summary

Below, please find a summary of all important Kashrut alerts and updates from the previous twelve months.



Most of these issues have been subsequently resolved; however, there exists remaining stock of some items on store shelves.

FUNKY KORN, HONEY & MUSTARD, manufactured by Cartoon Candy, is Milchik. One batch erroneously bears a Parev sticker.

FRYS COCKTAIL SAUSAGE IN PASTRY is not kosher. Some boxes bear the BD logo in error.

BEACON CHOCOLATE COATED JELLY TOTS are Milchik. One batch erroneously bears the Parev logo.

LAY’S SALT AND BLACK PEPPER FLAVOURED POTATO CHIPS are Milchik. One batch erroneously bears the Parev logo.

WOOLWORTHS TOMATO CHILLI JAM erroneously bears the BD logo. This product is not kosher.

KELLOGG’S CEREAL BARS are imported and not kosher certified. Some boxes erroneously bear the BD logo.

ELITE GOUDA AND CLOVER GOUDA CHEESE erroneously bear the BD logo. These products are not kosher.


TIC TACS are now certified Kosher, Parev, when manufactured in South Africa, with or without the BD logo. Certified flavours are: Orange, Spearmint, Mint, and Cherry Passion.

MILO, MILO DUO, CHEERIOS (Multigrain/Honey) CEREALS manufactured by NESTLE SA, are Kosher, Milchik, with or without the BD logo.

CANDEREL CHOCOLATES are now certified Kosher, with or without the BD Logo: Almonds Milk Chocolate (M), Almonds Milk Chocolate with Cinnamon (M), Almonds & Crispy Rice (M), Crispy Rice (M), Fruit & Nuts (M), Milk Chocolate (M), Milk Chocolate with Nuts (M), Dark Chocolate (P/Mehadrin)

SALLY WILLIAMS Nougat Cream Liqueur is Kosher, Milchik, when bearing the BD logo.

CLOVER KRUSH Fruit Juices have been reformulated and are no longer kosher. The BD logo has been removed.

A number of CADBURY chocolates are being imported into South Africa which appear similar or identical to products produced locally. The only difference will be the place of manufacture. For example, the label on Cadbury Flake large says “made in Egypt for Kraft SA”. Our certification applies only to products “made in South Africa”.

Updated packaging of ROBERTSONS’S spices does not bear the Beth Din logo. Those spices that have been certified to date remain Kosher certified.

In response to consumer queries regarding NAN HA baby formula, the Beth Din wishes to notify the public, that when directed by a health professional, it may be used without reservation.

CLOVER SOUR CREAM is not kosher and does not bear the Beth Din logo.

ULTRAMEL ZERO ready-made custard (previously ULTRAMEL LITE) is not kosher certified and does not bear the BD logo.

SPECIAL K (Original) has been reformulated and is now Parev, when bearing a BD Parev logo.

KRAFT FOODS have discontinued local production of biscuits and will begin importing some varieties, including Oreos, from Saudi Arabia. These are not kosher certified.

WELLINGTONS SWEET & SOUR SAUCE is no longer certified kosher. There is no BD logo on the label.


JOZI BLUE in the Kingswood Centre, Glenhazel, serves both Chalav Yisrael (dedicated equipment) and non Chalav Yisrael coffee and products.

CREPE & LATTE in Melrose Arch will no longer serve Chalav Yisrael or Mehadrin only products from 1 February 2013.

PIE WORKS (milk section) offer Chalav Yisrael (dedicated equipment) on request only.


We are not always able to send notices of newly listed products. On the Home Page of the UOS website you will see a section for new product listings, which you can sort by date, manufacturer or product. Be sure to visit regularly and keep up to date.