Due to a shortage of supply of Mehadrin boerewors casings internationally, the Beth Din has approved the use of non-Mehadrin casings to be used for the production of boerewors.

All other products that require casings will continue to be produced with Mehadrin casing.

All boerewors produced with non-Mehdrin casings will have a sticker clearly stipulating “NOT MEHADRIN” on the packaging. The boerewors meat itself within the casing is nevertheless considered Mehadrin.

All products packed as “NOT MEHADRIN” are considered completely kosher.

Boerewors produced with Mehadrin casings will have a sticker clearly stipulating “MEHADRIN” on the packaging.

We are working together with the suppliers and overseas Kashrut agencies to try to resolve the problem of lack of a supply and hope that this change is only an interim measure.