KEE Wings Cheese

A few weeks ago, the Kashrut division of the UOS informed the community of a number of cheese products which displayed the Beth Din logo without authorisation, made by a company called “KEE Wings” and distributed in airport lounges across the country. We are happy to announce that the company now employs a full time Mashgiach and is now sourcing kosher cheeses for 5 products in its range which are now certified kosher (Milchik, not Chalav Yisroel) under the Beth Din of Johannesburg. The company has been authorised to put the logo on the following products in its range;

  • Cheddar
  • Camembert
  • Blue Mould Cheese
  • 6 Month Matured Cheddar
  • KEE Belle

It is important to remember that the company does still produce non-kosher cheeses which will not display the Beth Din logo. Only those cheeses with the logo can now be eaten.