Pesach Updates

Dear Community Member

In order to keep the community informed, please see the below list of Pesach updates.


We have received an update on butter for Pesach:

Butter from Clover, Mooiriver and Springbok, both salted and unsalted, with a regular BD logo or the KLBD kosher logo, are fine to use for Pesach.

Butter from Genuine Foods and Real Gorgeous Chalav Dairy are also fine to use for pesach with a regular BD logo.

Nespresso Pods

Please see the certificate below from the Basel Kosher Commission that the products mentioned on the certificate are Kosher for Pesach when produced by Nestlé Nespresso S.A., Lausanne, Switzerland, in the following production sites: Orbe, Avenches and Romont.

Kind Regards

Rabbi Dovi Goldstein
MD Kosher