Kosher Notices and Updates

Dear Community Member

In order to stay informed, please see some recent Kosher updates below:

New Kosher Certified Establishment:

We are delighted to inform the Community that Heidis Bakery (Parev & Dairy) is now certified Kosher. To order please contact Heidi on 083 440 7768 or email

New Products:

We are pleased to announce a few new certified products from the Sauce-A-Licious range of Salad Dressings (BD logo required).

  • Lemon & Herb Dressing – Parev
  • Creamy Herb Dressing – Parev
  • Oriental Soya Dressing – Parev
  • Creamy Mayo Dressing – Parev
  • Poppy Seed Dressing – Parev
  • Ranch Dressing – Dairy
  • Balsamic Fusion Dressing – Not kosher (see alert below)


We have identified the following unauthorised application of our logo:

Beacon Damascus Nougat erroneously bears the kosher logo. This product contains bovine gelatine and is NOT KOSHER. The company has suspended use of the packing material and are investigating the root of the error.

Lattissimo Sweetened Condensed Milk (Produced in Malaysia) bears an unauthorised use of the BD logo and is thus NOT KOSHER. We have no information on this product and are busy investigating further.

Sauce-A-Licious Balsamic Fusion Salad Dressing erroneously bears the kosher logo and is NOT KOSHER. If already used, keilim do NOT require kashering.

Unfortunately, errors like the one highlighted above do occur from time to time all around the world. Manufacturers are constantly developing new products or packaging and due to honest mistakes and tight deadlines they occasionally print their labels before checking with us. When we are made aware of such errors, we work with the manufacturers to address the error and we notify the community immediately. If there is willful abuse of our BD Kosher logo (which happens very rarely), further legal action is taken.

Kind Regards

Rabbi Dovi Goldstein
MD Kosher